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Minor Rogue Bookings Presents:

Kal Marks (US)
Absorbing fuzz-abraded noise rock, crushing and beautiful.
Formed as a solo project over a decade ago, the band has been evolving ever since, weathering the darkness with a sense of humor and one of Boston’s most explosive live shows.

52 Hertz Whale (SVK)
A Bratislava-based band named after the world’s loneliest whale. Music itself may remind you of bands such as Pre-occupations, Interpol or Mewithoutyou. It is angry, ferocious and melancholic, crackled through with vigor and impatience.

“And 52 Hertz Whale blew everyone else away – it was the most intense, pulsating performance I saw all weekend. They’ve been on my radar a while, and they’re another band who just seem to keep getting better every time I see them. They have that euphoric, post-rock side, and are super melodic, but they also have a captivating power and when they unleash the madness, it’s truly spectacular.”

Derek Robertson / Drowned in Sound (UK)

Gavage Radio and Niels Koster will play their most favorable records.

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