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In the coming years a new neighborhood will be developed in Utrecht: Merwede.

Located in the southwest of Utrecht, in the middle of lively area’s such as Transwijk, Kanaleneiland and Rivierenwijk, the Merwedekanaalzone will be transformed from a business park into a highly urban city district.

Thousands of dwellings will be built for work, living and recreational purposes. The area will be characterized by the following core elements: mobile, healthy and (socially) sustainable, green and highly urban.

Merwede will be largely car-free and will therefore prioritize pedestrians and cyclists. Smart mobility options will include shared bicycles and cars as well as easily accessible public transportation points.

In the coming years, ideas for the neighborhood will be developed in the ‘Merwede Lab’, where future and local residents, business owners and stakeholders can express their ideas, concerns and hopes for the new area. Topics such as the sustainability and circularity of Merwede will be points of focus.

It will truly be a city of the future.


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